3 Dozen Variety Box


This large variety box gives you the opportunity to provide plenty of cookies for all who will gather around this beautiful box when it is received. There are 12 cookies of each flavor from the varieties listed here. You’ll be putting smiles of lots of faces with this box!

Take your pick of our great combinations.

Due to the heat during the summer months, we don’t dip our chocolate chip cookies in chocolate before shipping. Once the heat lets up, we will resume dipping! We promise they’re still great without that extra layer of chocolate!

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$58.30 Dipped chocolate chip, chewy sugar, gingersnaps, $59.40 Dipped chocolate chip, peanut butter, Snickerdoodle, $58.30 Peanut butter, chewy sugar, gingersnaps, $58.30 Oatmeal raisin, chewy sugar, gingersnaps, $58.30 Dipped chocolate chip (with nuts), Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, $58.30 Dipped chocolate chip (with nuts), Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodles, $58.30 Dipped chocolate chip, Chewy Sugar, Mini Pound Cake, $58.30 Dipped chocolate chip, Gingersnaps, Mini Pound Cake