Our Story

Our Story

From the Beginning

Our Story

The beginning of our company goes all the way back to 1978 when my grandmother first began making gingersnaps for her family and friends. The response to her cookies was so overwhelming that the dream was planted in her heart to someday market them.



One of our family’s fondest memories is gathering around her lunch table every Sunday after church. She had an old blue tin with flowers (which she still has) and if it was out on the counter, we knew there were gingersnaps for dessert. There were times she would serve them hot out of the oven, sliding them off the cookie sheet onto our plates.

Almost four decades later her dream came to fruition and Tangerine Cookies was born. Several varieties have been added to our signature Gingersnap, but we preserve Grandmother’s heritage by continuing to use only the finest ingredients such as imported spices, hand-chopped nuts and real sweet cream butter to create a consistent, quality product. There are no preservatives used in our cookies, and they are shipped the same day they are baked.

Our cookies and pound cakes make perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, clients, college students, or for a surprise remembrance. Every order is handled with great care. Attractively packaged, our products are putting smiles on the faces of satisfied customers every day!

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