Why Our Products Are the Best

Why Our Products Are the Best

why our products are

The Best

The beginning of our company goes all the way back to 1978 when my grandmother first began making gingersnaps for her family and friends. The response to her cookies was so overwhelming that the dream was planted in her heart to someday market them.

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What to Expect

When you place an order for our cookies, you can be assured that those cookies will be baked fresh and shipped on the same day they are baked. If you would like to include a note with your cookies, we give it that extra special touch with a beautifully hand-written note.

Our Quality

We pride ourselves on the quality of our homemade recipes! With over 38 years of experience, and developing these recipes, we assure you that you will love every crumb! We hope that each bite reminds you of the home-made experiences you can only get when you combine the taste of perfection with careful attention to detail that we provide.

Your Experience

We are confident that you are going to love our cookies, but we also work really hard to make sure you have a great experience while ordering and receiving your delicious cookies. If you’re in need of customizing anything, no problem! Quality customer service is our number one goal. This experience is why many of our customers say that we are “the best cookie company!”

A Story from A Customer

We thought we would share a story that we encountered not long ago to show how much we care for and appreciate our customers. A few months ago, we overnighted a large box of cookies (containing 50 individual boxes of cookies) to a customer in North Carolina. They were expected to be delivered by 10AM the next morning. He orchestrated a plan for his staff to distribute them to different businesses around town on a certain day. So, he shut his offices down for the day and had his staff report that morning.

We received a phone call around 11AM from him reporting that the cookies never showed up. He called the shipping company inquiring why they had not arrived. He was told that due to fog the shipment would not arrive until the next day and because the delivery delay was due to weather, he would not be reimbursed for his overnight shipping.

Naturally, our customer was NOT happy, and this is when he called us. We immediately went to work on his behalf. We called the shipping company, and they verified that it would probably not be delivered until the next day. While this was not what he desired, we did manage to get his shipping cost fully refunded (which was a hefty bill due to overnighting that size of a box)!

Even though the boxes were a day late, everyone he distributed the boxes to were thrilled at the cookies. They all arrived unbroken and looking as beautiful as they did when they left California. He definitely got the attention of the businesses he was working to develop a relationship with.

The end of the story is that the reviews and attention he got due to these cookies caused him to call the following week and order several more boxes to be shipped to family and friends all over the US!

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